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Digcher company was established in December , 1993 . It is well-known in China cleaning field by supplying customerized professional high pressure water cleaners , industrial vacuums , deduster , scrubber & sweeper , etc . to all kinds of industrial customers . Beginning from 2002 , Digcher devoted to research , develop and manufacture products by itself based on key components imported from abroad(world-wide components). With headquarters and plant in Beijing......
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Solar Panel Cleaner TC 3500 All weather solar panels cleaning crawler
Solar Panel Cleaner
120-240bar high pressure cleaners
120-240bar high pres
1400bar high pressure cleaners
1400bar high pressur
800-1500bar high pressure cleaners
800-1500bar high pre
750-1500bar high pressure cleaners
750-1500bar high pre
800-1500bar high pressure cleaners
800-1500bar high pre
280-600bar high pressure cleaners
280-600bar high pres
150-350bar high pressure cleaners
150-350bar high pres
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Area Sale Manage [2010-10-15]
Sales Manage [2010-10-15]
Technical Engineer [2010-10-15]
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